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Hope, British Columbia, Canada

Welcome to Downriver Farm’s Website!

Home of Lynn Leach, experienced herding trainer, clinician, one of the only original committee members still on the Council for the CKC Herding Program, a judge in several programs, a key-note speaker for judging seminars and creator of the herding dog training DVDs Introducton to All Breed Herding and All Breed Herding the Next Steps and All Breed Herding Getting Your Driver’s Licence.

How can I help you get a Herding Championship title for your dog(s)?

  • Clinics
  • Herding Dog Training Videos or DVDs
  • Individual or Group Lessons
  • Published Articles

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Lynn working her ACD Leroy in front of the new Downriver sign which was designed and created as a Christmas gift by her son James.

Our services:

All breed stock dog training and DVDs
Bird dog training

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