Shadybrook’s Callie Jr HIAs, HSAc, HTADs3, HRDs2 – “Callie”

Callie was born in November 2012 and came to me from Carol Delsman in Oregon. I call her my “pupsicle” because her dad is my first competitive ACD “Downriver BJ”, who passed away many years ago. Luckily I had some frozen semen from him, and that’s what produced my Callie girl!

Callie has won many herding competitions & awards including – High in Trial, High Scoring ACD and even a Conformation award – an Award of Merit at the ACDCA National Specialty!


Callie reads her stock well and I can trust her to cover whatever stock she is working. She’s saved my butt at many competitions!

7 months Trucker Callie & Nossy

Callie has given me 2 lovely litters and I keep in touch with everybody who has a puppy. In this photo, the 2nd litter is 7 months old. Callie is in the middle, and 2 of her pups are on either side. Trucker is on the left, and he is the pup that I kept.