Directions to Downriver Farm

Our farm is located about 15 km west of Hope, British Columbia in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. We are in an area where Hwy #1 parallels the mighty Fraser River on one side, and mountains on the other. Downriver is on the mountain side.

You can get there from either of the following exits:

Heading westbound on Hwy #1:
Take exit #160 that says “Laidlaw, Hunter Creek, Rest Area”, go under the freeway and turn right at the first road (there’s a stop sign at the exit, don’t turn there or you’ll go onto the freeway the wrong way!! Go to the next stop sign and turn right). You are now running parallel with the freeway heading towards Chilliwack. Go about 4 km, and turn Left at McKay Road. We are the first driveway on the right. It is a long driveway with a blue house, blue barns, blue garage, blue heelers, but happy people!

Heading eastbound on Hwy #1:
Take the exit #153 that says “Jones Lake, Laidlaw”. The exit veers to the right—you are now running parallel with the freeway, still heading towards Hope. Drive for approximately 2 km and turn right on McKay road. We are the first driveway on the right—long driveway and blue buildings! We are the only farm that has sheep.

58428 McKay Road
Laidlaw (Hope) BC Canada

Some Travel Trivia: the exit numbers begin at ‘0’ at Horseshoe Bay, and express how many kilometers each exit is from Horseshoe Bay.

Using GPS:
Input address: 58428 McKay Road – tell your GPS to search all cities in BC – if it offers you Fraser Valley – choose that. 
The Garmin did not find it in Hope, or in Laidlaw – but it found it in Fraser Valley, British Columbia!

Co-ordinates: N49*19.351′  W121*36.785′ Elevation: 16m