Expertise: Lynn Leach

Canadian Kennel Club Herding Representative since the council was created in 1996 and a member of the CKC Herding Committee prior to that.

Clinician, Private Lessons and Instinct Tests

Herding Judge:

  • American Herding Breed Association (AHBA) – Test and Trial Judge
  • Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) – Trial Judge – All Courses and All Levels
  • American Kennel Club (AKC) – Trial Judge – Course A, B, C and Test Levels

Getting to Know Me…

have been involved with dogs since 1976, originally in obedience and conformation, and then began working with herding dogs in 1990 when I purchased my first Australian Cattle Dog “Shadybrook’s Brew Delight” from Carol Delsman.

Lynn Leach pictured with her sons, James and Cody Leach and their first Australian Cattle Dogs
Lynn Leach, pictured with BJ and Carol Delsman, a positive dog trainer, clinician and herding judge

Carol was an American Kennel Club Herding Judge, a very popular clinician and very patient with beginner handlers like myself. I continued showing my dogs in conformation, and began taking herding lessons and clinics whenever I could find a trainer who was willing to work with my breed. In addition to learning about livestock and their movement, I became fascinated in watching dogs work from their instinct and seeing their eyes light up when they figured things out on their own. I learned how to use this instinct and the dog’s love of work to create positive experiences that would teach them good stockmanship.

With my second Australian Cattle Dog, “BJ”, I learned how wonderful it felt to have a partner who would try to do absolutely anything for me, who I could depend on, who I was proud of, and who loved to go to work whenever I asked him to.

With BJ as my partner, I experienced my first High in Trial at an AKC Herding trial in Oregon, my first belt buckle trophy, my first advanced herding titles, and he helped me give my first herding clinic in Goderich, Ontario, which was the beginning of a new life for me! It wasn’t long until I gave up my career as a Realtor and began working with dogs full time. BJ and I, together, discovered positive dog training that was rewarding and fulfilling.

BJ, Australian Cattle Dog, Cuddling with Owner, Lynn Leach
Lynn Leach and Lizzie, Blue Heeler, pose with Judge Steve Waltenburg as Lizzie wins High in Trial at the All-Breed Herding Trials during the 1995 ACDCC National Specialty in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

I found limited resources that would help beginner handlers train their stock dogs, unless they were training a border collie. 

I began to take notes from books, clinics that I went to, positive dog trainers that I took lessons from, and personal experiences while working with my dogs. I compiled these notes into a hand-out to give out at clinics, and eventually decided to put it into video format for people attending my clinics to use after the clinic was finished. 

Many of my herding friends became very enthusiastic about this project, and with their help and encouragement, I decided to make the training videos available to the public. The projects took several years to complete, and were another great learning opportunity for all of us involved.

Positive Dog Training DVD’s Available:

“Every clinic of Lynn’s that I have attended shows how much Lynn has learned from her judging and trialing and how generous she is in imparting her knowledge to you. She is an EXCELLENT teacher and we’re very fortunate to have her.” – Kathy Chorney

Lizzie, Blue Heeler, wins High in Trial at the 2006 ASCA Trials. Lynn Leach and Lizzie are photographed with Judge Marty Parish above.