Ch Wooleston Eliza Fraser CKC HI, HIAs, HSAc, SDI, STDsc, HRD II

Lizzie, Australian Cattle Dog, is owned and bred by David Steward and Monica Shifflet. I am thrilled that they have trusted me with their wonderful blue heeler to work with in many of the different herding programs.

A Beautiful Picture of Lizzie
Lizzie, Australian Cattle Dog, Wins High in Trial at the All-Breed Herding Trials at the ACDCC National Specialty (1995) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Judge: Steve Waltenburg.

Lizzie has a brilliant personality! She is a smiling, happy Blue Heeler that is always wanting to please her human.

She is a biddable little cattle dog, and gave me some great training experiences. We came together as a team, and continue to work hard on her advanced training. I love working with Lizzie, and miss her dearly when ever she goes home.   


Lizzie has gone on to be the 2nd dog ever (behind my BJ) to earn the ACDCC National Award of ‘Working Dog Intermediate’, #1 Herding ACD 2005—ACDCC National Award, and #1 Herding ACD (all stock) in the USA—ACDCA 2006 award. I am very proud of what Lizzie and I have accomplished together!

Lizzie, Blue Heeler, Herding Cattle
Lizzie, Cattle Dog, Wins High in Trial at the July 2006 ASCA Trials.
Good 'Ol Lizzie Huggin'!