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Pepsi is our wonderful border collie that I purchased from a neighbor so that I could attend herding clinics in British Columbia!

Our family fell in love with her, and she became a great assistant for herding clinics, herding lessons and stock handling.

Pepsi loved herding sheep
Jim with his dog!

Pepsi loves herding so much, that she will work for anybody. It is wonderful for people with no herding experience, because it allows for them to get stock experience, without worrying about working their own beginner herding dog. It also teaches them about balance, and shows them what they are trying to teach their beginner herding dog.

Pepsi competed in several herding programs, including the BCSDA, where she met the requirements by placing in the top three dogs of 2 Pro/Novice trials, meaning we had to move up in the following calendar year.

We were looking forward to it, except that she had major surgery that year, and has been pretty much retired since then!!

A good friend and herding enthusiast (Cathy Kudryk from Saskatchewan) sent us this gorgeous tile, which is hand painted with a picture of Pepsi on it! She captured Pepsi’s personality in the artwork, along with her identical markings and everything!

The tile has a sheriff’s badge on it, because Jerry Rowe has always called Pepsi “Head of Ranch Security” and the name has stuck!! The tile is beautiful, thank you so much Kathy!!

“Chief of Ranch Security”

Pepsi has one ear up, and one ear down – except when she is working then they are both up. I think she holds them this way so that she can hear in both directions!!!

She has a fun personality, and will herd until she drops!!! Our family loves her so much!!