Herding Clinics

Some herding clinic ideas may incorporate one or more of the following:

  • Introduction to Herding (specific to upright, loose eyed breeds).
  • Training Herding Skills to your Stock Dog.
  • Herding Trial Programs Available (what titles are available to which dogs? What skills are needed to achieve each title? Requirements to earn titles – handouts, PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations.)
  • Canadian Kennel Club Herding Program Training (judging requirements, scoring and deductions, how to host a trial, how the Canadian Kennel Club works, course director duties and stock handling at trials).
  • Managing your sheep (health, vaccinations, foot care, getting sheep accustomed to being worked by dogs).
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Herding Lessons for Handlers

We offer herding lessons for small groups and/or private dog training lessons.

Dog Training Camps and Herding Holidays

Come camp or motel while training your dog daily. Get involved in the daily routine of running a herding facility, work many dogs, work your own dogs, take in your lessons and watch other’s lessons……learn and have fun at Downriver’s Dog Training Camps!!

Herding Dog Training and Handling

have developed fun dog training programs to help you and your dog learn to herd! If you are like most of my students, you may want to take something home to refer to on a regular basis. Therefore, I have developed THREE all breed herding dog training videos:

 “Lynn Leach’s all breed herding dog training videos show a clear progression of skills, with a nice variety of drills and exercises to work on at each step along the way. The clarity of progression and breakdown of skills far exceeded what I had come across in previous working videos that I have seen.” -Cathy Kudryk

Herding Facility

  • Available for herding clinics, herding trials and instinct tests
  • Sheep available on site, or will transport
  • Herding Instinct Testing – we will do the testing, or just provide sheep and/or facility for testing club events or private instinct tests. Certificates available by appointment.

If you would like more information about our facilities, dog training services, herding clinics, or “All Breed” herding dog training videos and DVDs please contact us.