Clinic, Training and DVD Testimonials

Clinic Testimonials

“What I really like is Lynn’s ability to assess a dog handler team and make a determination of how exactly to help them and implement that process during the time provided. It’s also nice to have Lynn explain it in layman’s terms and I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t make me feel stupid if I don’t really understand what is required of me.

I’ve never been disappointed in any of Lynn’s clinics. I come away feeling as though I’ve been enlightened and seen something I thought I’d understood made much clearer. I would work with Lynn Leach every chance I can get. Every clinic of Lynn’s that I have attended shows how much Lynn has learned from her judging and trialing and how generous she is in imparting her knowledge to you. She is an EXCELLENT teacher and we’re very fortunate to have her.”

Kathy Chorney

“I look for a clinician that has the experience helping all clients from the novice to experienced herder and also having worked with many breeds. Lynn Leach is exactly what I said above, plus she has a sense of fairness and willingness to help any and all.
She answers questions and helps each individual until they completely understand their problem. I value her sincerity and willingness to give each person individual help.”

Bonnie Young

“Lynn has exceeded my expectations because she ensures that each participant gets the most “bang for their Buck”. She does this by making sure everyone learns something new and can go home with better base knowledge as well as a plan to continue on at the student’s regular training facility. It is truly inspiring to meet someone who remembers you, your dog and what you were working on the last time you met with her.

Lynn takes as much time with each dog and handler as is necessary for some forward progress to be made. She is very willing and able to change methods/tools as is needed for different dogs and different handlers. Lynn is very open to different methods and is willing to ‘do what it takes’ for each dog/handler. She understands and takes into consideration the fact that each handler has a different background with different goals, and that each has a unique relationship with their dog. This allows her to give every dog/handler team ‘one-on-one’ time that caters specifically to each team’s unique needs.

I value the fact that Lynn is willing to attempt to understand not only the dogs but their handlers, and tries her best to give each of them what they want/need to progress as a team. Also, I value the fact that Lynn takes time to train with other stock dog trainers in order to keep improving herself and learn new skills and methods to add to her already varied toolbox.”

Cathy Kudryk

“I would highly recommend taking one of Lyn Leach’s clinics. I can guarantee you there will be no regrets. Take a pen and paper to take notes, better yet a camera to video as there is lots to digest. I just came back from another Lynn Leach clinic and it has been the best one yet.”

Cathy Bishop

“I like how Lynn handled ME (being a Newbie) and my beginner pup: we were both new to herding. We knew nothing. Lynn talked to me, she made me feel comfortable, she explained things to me to the  best of her ability . Being new to something like herding…there is a lot to take in. I guess I figured that a clinician  wouldn’t take the time to talk to people after the clinic was done. But Lynn did, my dog and I both walked away from the clinic wanting to learn more.

I will keep going to any clinics that Lynn is the clinician at. Lynn remembered who I was when I walked into the arena. Actually, she remembered my dog the most. That impressed me the most. I figured with all the people she works with daily etc. Either I stood out in the crowd, or she really enjoys what she does as a Judge/Clinician. That impressed me a lot.”

Barb Freer

“I chose going to the seminar/clinic Lynn did in Spokane because of the tapes she has done. The tapes elevated my knowledge of herding training and subsequently my scores in herding competition. I wanted more information than even the tapes gave so I luckily was able to attend the Spokane event.

ALL of my expectations were met that the Spokane event. The tapes had given me information about things like square flanks, how to teach obstacles and fetching walk abouts. I wanted to know even more about the philosophy of herding, understanding stock and such and attending the Spokane event gave me that information.

After the clear teaching Lynn did in Spokane I went home and applied much of what I had learned. As my skill level grew and my dogs improved I found I had more questions and the desire to see what Lynn thought about teaching other parts of herding. So, I asked Lynn to come and judge our collie trials and then do a three day seminar afterwards. I am so looking forward to improving my skills even more. And Lynn is a fun person who is dedicated to this sport that we love.”

Jan Shields

“My passion for herding was ignited when I attended one of Lynn’s clinics on her first trip to Australia in 2007, so I was delighted when I heard she was coming back! Her clinics here in 2011, hosted by Double K Herding, exceeded my already high expectations.

Her ability to cater to each individual dog and handler team, from those having their first look at sheep to Advanced level triallers, was exceptional. We all saw significant improvements in both our handling skills and our dogs’ work. There were many “light bulb” moments amongst the handlers and it was wonderful to watch the confidence of the dogs grow.

She gave the handlers a tremendous amount of support. Her praise was genuine and sincere and even when things weren’t going to plan, she always had something positive to say. However, she also wasn’t afraid to tell you when you had got it wrong! The phrase “Oh…ok” was heard many a time when the handler misinterpreted Lynn’s instructions. Future clinic attendees beware!

The driving clinic was a great success. She explained the how and why of each exercise in a way that was easy to understand even for those with no herding knowledge. While it blew our dog’s minds (and ours!), Lynn has added another layer of complexity to our training programs that will benefit us greatly in the future.

Her genuine love of herding and dogs and her boundless energy really stood out. She never rested, preferring to keep working dogs til the light failed each day. When asked whether she needed a break, her response was “Why?” Why indeed, when there is herding to be done!

We were so privileged to have Lynn down under and are truly grateful for the chance to benefit from her wealth of knowledge. Thank you Lynn and well done for braving our country of venomous snakes and giant spiders! Hope to see you again soon.”

Hannah Barry, Melbourne, Australia

Training Testimonials

“Not only is Lynn a great dog trainer, but more importantly she is an excellent teacher, able to effectively communicate with the human side of the team. Lynn always seeks to find the positives in each dog/handler team, and is able to key on that in order to bring each team as close to their potential as genetics and motivation will allow.”

Cathy Kudryk

 “Lynn is excellent at “reading” people, dogs and stock and is extremely passionate about the sport. She does her best to ensure the students in her clinics achieve success, which they can continue to build on after she has left. She works to the level of the handler and dog; no one is too new and inexperienced or conversely, too experienced for her to work with.

Lynn Leach is not just a good trainer but is an excellent teacher. She is extremely patient, and she has an awesome sense of humour. She treats everyone fairly and positively –stock, dogs, and handlers.” 

Kim Mordaunt

“Lynn works with many different types of dogs and is well respected in the herding field (no pun intended). She is great. She manages to keep the class involved when working with different dogs, so that everyone learns from each others’ handling. She is a friend and is very helpful to those starting out. I value the individual skill building tasks to hone up on overall performance.”

Donna Marie Cyr

“This will be the 4th year in a row where we will be having Lynn Leach down for a week of daily lessons. She has exceeded my expectations….I had people signing up for any extra classes and put on a waiting list in case of a cancellation.”

Bonnie Young

“I began herding with my Belgian Tervuren when she was already 5 years old. Lynn instinct tested her and she received her Herding Intermediate title.  Lynn is an excellent instructor. She knows when to get in the arena with you to help you overcome problems and she knows when to let you work it out yourself. People with this much herding knowledge could easily make a beginner like myself feel intimidated. However, Lynn’s knowledge of sheep and herding is only exceeded by her tremendous people skills. She immediately makes you feel welcome which fuels your desire to learn and excel.”  

Wendi Daechsel

DVD Testimonials

“The videos are just like having the clinic all over again. Except you can slow them down, rewind and pause. You have too many things to remember at a clinic, this video was so nice because I can go back and review and continue to learn at home.

At my first clinic, it was suggested for us to purchase a Downriver Training video as it would help us to remember what we just learned. My brain was mush by the time I got home. I have watched this video about 10 times. And believe it not, I learn something each time I watch it. The light bulb goes on!”

Barb Freer

“I really enjoyed the first video since the video gave a very good basic overview of training which sometimes goes over my head when attending a clinic.” 

Kathy Chorney

“I had heard of Lynn’s tapes, but procrastinated getting them for sometime. After talking with other people I ordered them and haven’t regretted it at all. The videos met my expectations completely. I had heard of “square flanks”, but didn’t have any idea what they were. The video showed me and I was able to teach the concept to my dogs. I watched the tapes over and over while I lifted weights and my understanding of herding concepts widened and widened. They have been a tremendous help.

I’ve referred about 15 people to her tapes. I hope they have ordered them because their learning rate could increase greatly too. Please, please, please do the videos necessary to include driving, penning and the other intermediate and advanced things that weren’t on the first two tapes and send the first copy to me.”

Jan Shields

“I chose Downriver’s All Breed Herding videos because I like the format of seeing many examples of different exercises run by many different breeds. They are exactly what I want in a herding video; showing problems we all run into and ways to help our dogs. These videos are exactly what I wanted in a herding video; they showcase problems we all run into and ways to help our dogs. I like the format of the videos: seeing many examples of different exercises run by many different breeds.”

Bonnie Young

“Lynn’s videos show a clear progression of skills, with a nice variety of drills and exercises to work on at each step along the way. The clarity of progression and breakdown of skills far exceeded what I had come across in previous working videos that I have seen. I highly recommend the Downriver All Breed Herding videos, both to novice handlers and also to more experienced handlers who cannot work with a trainer as regularly as they would like. With the wide variety of drills shown, there are at least a few drills at each skill level that will click with every herding team out there, no matter what level of experience.”

Cathy Kudryk

“I chose Downriver’s All Breed Herding videos because I wanted a good set of steps to follow at home. I recommend these videos: it is always good to have as much information as you can!”

Kim Mordaunt

“Wow, I just picked up a copy of the new Lynn Leach herding video and have to say, it is fantastic.

Of course I may be a bit biased as my bouv has a few on screen performances. but in all seriousness, there is so much information in this video you will have to go through it a few times to take it all in. It is like having a two month clinic in your own home. There are so many tricks and tips, many examples of drills with so many breeds that you are bound to learn something or find something on it that will help make you a better trainer. There is also a little booklet included that has even more training tips.

 I like the fact that there are examples of dogs/handlers doing it wrong and making mistakes. It’s not just about seeing the perfect dog with the perfect sheep. It gives us tools to correct our mistakes and ideas about how to not make them in the first place.

The biggest thing I got from the video is that fundamentals are crucial and how Lynn uses each training step to build on the next. A progressive concept I can understand and appreciate.

I think this video is for everyone. The novice handler will benefit but so will those training for awhile and even training other people. It’s great to have a video reference when trying to teach someone something!

I would recommend this video as one of the best!  It’s about time someone put out a comprehensive video for herding with all breeds. I’m looking forward to the next one. Congratulations, Lynn!”

Nancy Ireland